Mindfulness and Meditation

Stillness and Meditation

Through the practice of mindfulness and meditation you can dramatically increase your level of inner peace, confidence, contentment and clarity of mind for use in everyday living.

The introductory philosophy course explores the idea of self-awareness with the help of a very simple mindfulness exercise. This is developed throughout the course with other useful practices, such as pausing.

For those who wish to learn more, mantra-based meditation is discussed. This is where a single sound or word is gently repeated in the mind and can be practiced anywhere, including at home sitting quietly in an ordinary chair.

The mantra works to gradually settle the body, mind and spirit, freeing them from unnecessary activity and agitation. Students commonly report that the result is a sense of peacefulness, even bliss, that may carry on into daily life.

Opportunities to learn mantra meditation and practice in a group setting are given.

Free and continued care and support is offered for meditation as long as you want it, even if you stop attending courses.