Practical Philosophy course – what the students are saying…

It is great to get feedback from students.


Here are a few of their comments from Summer 2015:

"I found the course most interesting and thought provoking. I found I was introduced to ideas I had never really considered before. This was a real education! The practical exercises are so useful and easy to perform at home as well as in class." DG

"I am finding this course to be invaluable in my life, opening up my understanding and providing me with useful skills of living. I now feel greatly enriched, calmer and more focused in everyday situations." MR

"It has been a wonderful term. This course has made me feel free, enlightened, happier, satisfied, and so much more. Each week I learn something new and have been practising it. It really has been life-changing. It is the best thing that I have done to improve my life." SS

"The practices involving stillness, awareness and attention have motivated me greatly, bringing me to inner peace and introducing me to satisfaction and enjoyment." AW

"Living in the present and being awake to the beauty of the world has reinforced something that I knew, but had forgotten. I realise that this way of being is within me and the course and systematic practices have brought that more into focus. I am eager to learn more!" JM